Casing running in system (CRT) is a new technology of running in casing, this technology can exert all the advantages of top-drive drilling, enabling the casing string to be rotated, lifted, and recycled mud at the same time when running in casing, thus ensuring that the casing can be normally running into the bottom of the well. Improve the success rate, safety and efficiency of casing running observably, it has great advantages in running casing at oilfield, especially in extended reach well and horizontal well which are difficult to run casing.


Supersonic spraying is a new type of flame spraying technology. It is mainly used to harden the surface of the jar mandrel. The supersonic spraying equipment heats the sprayed particles to a molten or semi-melted state, and accelerates to a speed as high as 300-500m/s, or even higher, so as to obtain high bonding strength, Dense, high-quality coating. The supersonic flame speed is very high, but the temperature is relatively low. For cemented carbide, it can effectively inhibit the decomposition of WC in the process of spraying. The coating not only has high bonding strength, but also compact and superior wear resistance, which is comparable to the explosion spraying layer, but also exceeds the hard coating of electroplating and spraying layer. It is widely used.


Torque reduction sub is a new type of torque reducing tool, It is mainly connected between short radius horizontal section and large angle well section, propose to connect a torque reduction sub by every 60ft, it can reduce 25-35% torque after using this tool, it’s slip spiral inner sleeve, straight rib outer sleeve and body mandrel are relatively in non-rotating condition. An isolation point supported by the straight rib outer sleeve can be formed between the drill pipe and the casing, which can reduce the torque of the rotary table; It can effectively prevent the direct contact between the drill pipe and the casing, reduce the wear of the drill pipe and the casing, and protect the casing; Reduce the frictional contact force between the drill pipe and the casing, and reduce the resistance of the drill. Greatly improve the service life of drill Pipe.


Our integral spiral stabilizer adopts CNC automatic drilling technology to process alloy hole,the equipment is developed special equipment by our company,specially used in r drill hole of stabilizer. Use automatic CNC programming mode inputs the stabilizer blade length, blade width, lead and other parameters into the program in advance, and using special alloy tool processing, Its working efficiency is 3 ~ 5 times that of the traditional fitter drilling, greatly improving the product processing efficiency and product precision, operation safety and so on, Effectively reduce the product failure rate caused by artificial factors, and CNC automatic riveting and setting equipment supporting the use of drilling and setting. It has high promotion value.


Multi-function casing scraper is a new type casing scraper, it can work as non-rotating fixed type casing scraper, and also can work as a rotating type casing scraper. Besides its upper and lower centralizing sleeves also can work as non-rotating stabilizer. Multi-function casing scraper is one of the indispensable auxiliary tools for well completion, testing and downhole operations. Its main purpose is to remove cement, sand, residual bullets, scratches, paraffin, burrs and other attachments on the inner wall of the downhole casing. Ensure that the inner wall of the casing is clean to facilitate the normal operation of the required drilling tools
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