NSJ-DRILLING launches distance education for salesperson training

In order to implement the spirit of higher-level epidemic prevention and control, block the spread of the virus, better protect the health and safety of employees, and complete production tasks, Shuangjia actively changes the method of centralized teaching, adopts online conferences, and implements mainly domestic and foreign salesmen The original plan for business exchange training to consolidate the business foundation. The company has formulated six training contents including new product knowledge and market demand, conventional product improvement, after-sales service, production equipment characteristics, and financial basics. The senior trainers conduct remote training every day. In each course, more than 40 salespersons and some managers participated in the training and conducted interactive discussions. Three trainings have been successfully completed. Through this training, while breaking the limitations of the inherent model, it further enriched the business knowledge of sales and sales service personnel, and effectively improved their work capabilities.    



Strictly check and make detailed arrangements for Shuangjia's first day of resumption of work and production, safety first

On the morning of February 17, Shuangjia Company, after several detailed investigations, implemented prevention and control measures, reduced operating personnel, and resumed work and production in an orderly manner.         In order to reduce the concentration of personnel, the company has refined the number of bottleneck processes on duty, and organized party members and cadres to form a heart-warming fleet to ensure employee commuting by private cars or special trips; the trade union organization also mobilized backbones to actively take charge of temperature measurement and disinfection And distribution of epidemic prevention supplies.        At the beginning of his post, General Manager Jiang Haicheng organized a resumption meeting through the workshop audio system, and explained in detail the epidemic prevention knowledge and epidemic prevention and control situation, and the various epidemic prevention requirements of the factory and the company, and combined the current epidemic prevention and market situation to stabilize the mentality of employees , Clarify mission objectives and make specific deployments. During the day's work, various epidemic prevention and control measures were strictly implemented, and various requirements for safe production were also actively implemented. With a stable attitude, the employees on duty completed the tasks of the day as planned, and with firmer confidence, they resolutely won the battle of "preventing the epidemic, promoting production, and ensuring safety".



NSJ-DRILLING Launches New Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention, Control and Disposal Drills

On February 25, Shuangjia used the lunch break to organize part of the epidemic prevention commandos and team leaders, a total of 20 people, to successfully conduct the drill of the new crown virus epidemic prevention and control plan, and other returning employees watched from a distance. The emergency response drill was presided over by Fan Jinming, deputy general manager of safety, and company leaders including general      manager Jiang Haicheng and party branch secretary Zhang Zhibin were present.          The party branch of Shuangjia Company gave full play to the political core role in the prevention and control of the epidemic, conducted pre-plan training in advance, and jointly organized with the production safety system in this exercise, and selected party members and party activists as the main force of the exercise to drive the majority of employees to better Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Before the drill, the company further explained the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and the precautions of the drill, and then simulated that in the daily temperature monitoring of the branch factory, the employees were tested, reported, isolated, disinfected, sent to the doctor, and sent to the doctor when they had a high fever. The result of the diagnosis of fever in the hospital, the alarm was lifted; the company's overall judgment, communication, mobilization, and cooperation capabilities were tested and exercised. After the exercise was successfully completed according to the plan, Zhang Zhibin, secretary of the party branch, commented on the activity, pointed out the shortcomings that should be improved, and once again firmly established the concept of strict prevention and control, improved prevention and control capabilities, and won the dual items of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation. Victory made specific requirements.         



NSJ-DRILLING condolences 5 young workers living in single dormitories

With the continuous progress in the prevention and control of the new crown virus epidemic, passenger traffic has been eased, and the unmarried young workers of Shuangjia Company who live in other places have returned to the city and returned to the single dormitory. In accordance with relevant provincial and municipal regulations and dormitory management requirements, the young workers returning to Mu have been properly resettled and quarantined for different periods of time according to the specific circumstances. In order to alleviate the pressure of young workers living in single dormitories, reflect corporate care, encourage them to be aggressive in the epidemic prevention and control atmosphere far away from home, and resume work and production in a full working state, Shuangjia Company will be 5 on February 22 and 28 respectively. The young workers who returned to their dormitory sent eight-treasure porridge, milk and other consolation products, and brought masks, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention supplies to help young workers better protect themselves.

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